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Abyss Desk - Duffy London

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Abyss DEsk

Abyss Desk


(L) 300cm (W) 220cm (H) 75cm


11 editions


8 - 12 weeks

And when you gaze long into an abyss, the abyss also gazes into you. FRIEDRICH NIETZSCHE

The Abyss Desk expands Duffy’s explorations of depth with a mesmerising depiction of the Earth’s seabed, played out in vivid turquoise colours and grounded on stainless steel drawers..


Layers of glass and wood combine to create a three-dimensional viewing canvas; the yellow-tinted wood reacts with the blue glass to produce an array of luxurious colours, offering a glimpse into the thrilling ocean depths from the comfort of your dining room!


Abyss Desk is raised to office level at 75cm high on matte black plinths.


Every piece is handmade at the Duffy London studio here in Victoria Dock, East London using eco-friendly materials from controlled sources and wood from Forestry Stewardship Council-managed forests.

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High-grade wood from Forest Stewardship Council managed forests and other controlled sources.

Stainless steel & Glass.


Double (L) 300cm (W) 220cm (H) 75cm
Single (L) 220cm (W) 100cm (H) 75cm


This product is handmade to order in London from sustainable materials, so please allow 8 – 12 weeks for delivery.


The Abyss Desk is limited to 11 editions.
We can provide one-off bespoke pieces. Please contact us for further information.

Abyss Desk
Abyss Desk
Abyss Desk
Abyss Desk

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Abyss Desk


Single, Double


Delivery time is 8 - 12 weeks

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