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Singularity Coffee Table | Duffy London

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Singularity Coffee Table


(Ø)120cm x (H)40cm


25 edtions


14 - 16 weeks

We set ourselves rules in order to be totally free Georges Perec

Colliding infinity

Singularity Coffee Table collides a series of free-flowing structures into a unique decorative coffee table design. An exploration of form, a whole new aesthetic emerges as the traditional linear design process is disrupted by artificial intelligence.


Free-flowing, organic structures are broken down, refined and then combined with faceted stainless steel elements in a purely decorative aspect.


By designing the outer form first, and strategically placing ‘connection points’ we were able to create parameters to generate a multitude of complex outcomes.

Chris Duffy


Each piece within the collection has two finishes: Dark and Light. The dark finish is a combination of matte and gloss black.  The light finish combines brilliant white, brushed stainless steel and mirror polished gold.



Powder-coated mild steel, mirror-polished stainless steel, infused-resin.



Mirror-polished stainless steel in matte black or white and matte black or metallic finishes.



(Ø) 120cm x (H) 40cm

Singularity Coffee Table
Singularity Coffee Table
Singularity Coffee Table
Singularity Coffee Table
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