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Monument Valley | Duffy London

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Modern Monument Valley Coffee Table in Black Marble
MonumentDining Gold 02
Monument Gallery Marble 2
Black marble dining table
Monument Gallery Marble 1

Monument Valley

Carved Marble.


(L) 150cm (W) 80cm (H) 40cm | (L) 270cm (W)120cm (H) 75cm


25 editions


12-16 weeks

I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list Paulo Coelho

Duffy London casts an eye across the American West with the new Monument Valley table design.

A uniquely modern design, offered as a coffee or dining table.  A visual tribute to rich desert landscapes; marrying contemporary design with luxurious Italian marble to create an enthralling new centerpiece for the living space.

With so much time spent at home, we wanted to create an engaging piece that captures the imagination and triggers a welcome sense of nostalgia for the great outdoors.”

Chris Duffy, Duffy London

A series of majestic, contoured forms rises up from the ground, fusing together into a singular, flat-topped sculpted stone piece.

An evocative, almost dreamlike reimagining of the desert landscape.  A piece that recalls the iconic sandstone butte formations of the American mid-West, as if seen inverted in some great, shimmering desert mirage.


“We drew upon the iconic sandstone rock formations of Monument Valley and an Americana-tinted view of the American West as inspiration for a dramatic, layered marble table that rises up from the floor, sculpted in a way that represents a desert mirage of the original sandstone buttes.

Chris Duffy, Duffy London


Each table in the collection is individually carved to order, bespoke, from a single, handpicked block of marble stone, ensuring that every piece is unique and that no two pieces can ever be the same.

After the layered rock effect is achieved through traditional sculpture techniques, each table is finished with sandpaper and emery cloths to both smooth and polish the stone, accentuating the marble’s natural sheen and creating a beautiful surface shine. Monument Valley is available in Carrara white marble, Nero Portoro black marble and Encarnado pedra furada, an orange marble originating from Portugal.

A striking, lightweight alternative finish in rose-gold aluminium is also available on request.

For the dining table variant, a glass tabletop is also offered.

The design for the Monument table had been long in our minds as it inspired the base of the Abyss Tables. This evolution from the Abyss series celebrates the inspiration of Monument Valley in its own right.

 Joe Wonham, Designer at Duffy London


Product information


Carved Marble.



(L) 150cm (W) 80cm (H) 40cm

(L) 270cm (W) 120cm (H) 75cm



Our products are handmade with care and attention and each table is made bespoke to order in the choice of stone/colour.  Please allow 12-16 weeks manufacture time.


Monument Valley is limited to 25 editions.

Bespoke pieces and larger commissions are also available on request.

Monument Valley
Monument Valley
Monument Valley
Monument Valley

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Monument Valley


White Marble, Black Marble, Orange Marble


Coffee, Dining


Delivery time is 12-16 weeks
For a bespoke quote or trade prices please enquire here.

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