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Kronos Chair | Duffy London

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Gallery1 - 1080x1920

Kronos Chair


(L)73cm (W)63cm (H)220cm


25 editions


12 - 14 weeks

"Time is the school in which we learn, Time is the fire in which we burn." Delmore Schwartz

“Pause” is a new interactive installation for Clerkenwell Design Week from the Duffy London Design Studio.

A collection of mirrored Megalithic structures rises up from the ground, in a clock-like formation that calls back to Neolithic standing stone formations and Monuments and that speaks to the passing of time and rule of twelfths.


Visitors are invited to take their own brief pause from the festival, and to allow themselves to be seated, drawing energy up from the earth and finding a precious moment for self-reflection.


“Pause” offers a multisensory experience, with the reflective, mirror-polished stainless-steel surfaces offering a myriad of fragmented images back to the viewer as they walk in and around the installation.


Additional Duffy London ‘Shadow Chairs’ – rereleased for 2023 in mirror-polished finishes are dotted throughout the installation in a further nod to the Self, and embracing one’s inner shadow.

Introducing Kronos...

The design for the Kronos Chair follows the same visual language as the Kronos table and is created using the same cutting-edge algorithmic design program to ensure that every edition is unique..

Designed to make a statement and to impress, either as a solo piece or a larger collection.

Each piece is offered in matte black steel with mirror-polished stainless-steel surfaces offering a myriad of fragmented images back to the viewer.



Powder coated mild steel, mirror-polished stainless steel.



Mirror-polished stainless steel

Mirror-polished ‘gold’, others mirrored finishes on request (+ £1,000)



(L)73cm x (W)63cm x (H)220cm



This product is made to order by local artisans and in-house craftsmen, using ethically sourced materials, so please allow 12 weeks for delivery.

Kronos Chair
Kronos Chair
Kronos Chair
Kronos Chair

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Kronos Chair


Powdercoated Exterior, Mirror-polished stainless steel, Mirror-polished gold


Delivery time is 12 - 14 weeks

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