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Hospital Screens - Duffy London

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Hospital Screens


Developed, designed and manufactured by Duffy London in conjunction with the Royal Brompton and Harefield NHS Trust.

Designed to create a more attractive environment for patients, staff and visitors, to generate a better sense of wellbeing for all concerned and to aid recovery and psychological happiness whilst in hospital. Screens are digitally printed so any image can be applied to suit the ward or room it will be situated in, text can also be added. The screens aesthetics are such that they can also be used for trade shows, offices and the home.


Individual panel (W)60cm (H)170cm approx.
Four-panel screen (W)250cm (H)170cm approx.
Printed area per panel (W)60cm (H)150cm


All of our hospital screens meet fire safety standards, they can be cleaned with NHS disinfectant wipes and are fully machine washable.

Four panels make up the full screen but additional panels can be added consecutively to divide larger areas.
Each panel can be detached and stand independently for use in small spaces.
Panels are attached together with zips for extra privacy (no gaps).
Frames can be easily dismantled and the whole screen flat packed for ease of shipping and for long-term storage.

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