“The idea of using a canvas print as a designer bedroom lamp is inspired.”

Hayley Rowland, Middlesex

Product: Designer bedroom lamps (Glo Canvas)


I’ve lived in my flat for 10 years and I’ve really stamped my personality on it. But because every detail in every room is to my taste, it can sometimes be difficult to acquire new pieces. Simply put, I’ve become quite difficult to please!

My Duffy London experience

I stumbled across Duffy London via MyDeco.com when I was looking for a designer bedroom lamp. As soon as I saw their bespoke products, I was struck by the freshness of the design. In fact, I don’t know of another company to rival Duffy London in terms of originality, particularly when it comes to their designer bedroom lamps. I recall I spent a while browsing the website, but the piece that really grabbed me was the Vintage Shade Mini Glo-Canvas. To me, the idea of using a canvas as a designer bedroom lamp is inspired and it looks fantastic.

Final thoughts

The illuminated artworks are a great innovation in interior design. But with Duffy London, it’s not just about the exquisite pieces. It’s also about the wonderful customer service. Chris’s passion for his work is plain to see – and that’s so important in a designer. He puts his heart and soul into every creation and I guess that’s why his work stands out against everything else I’ve seen.

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