UP Balloon Coffee Table Round Edition 2015

“Growing old is compulsory, growing UP is optional.” - Bob Monkhouse

This uplifting design was conjured up by Christopher Duffy, working with the concept of levitation and buoyancy.

The UP Balloon Table is a playful trompe l’oeil, giving the impression of a glass table top being suspended by red, gold and silver balloons.


    Toughened glass, metal resin composite, toughened steel rods.

    Coffee Table (D)110cm (H)50cm

  • Delivery Times
    This product is made to order by local artisans
    and in-house craftsmen, using ethically sourced materials, so please allow 8-12 weeks for delivery.

    Additional Details
    The UP Balloon Coffee Tables Round Edition 2015 are limited to 25 editions.